Ninja Timing

How it works 

The timing has no buttons or display in itself!
Instead you can use any smart phone, tablet or laptop to remotely operate the timing and display timing information - via a WiFi* connection to the timing device and the browser or an optional app on the control/display device.  

One connected device acts as the master and can control the timing (start, reset, false start, configuration) and displays the timing information (reaction times + race times).

The starting signal (a series of beeps) is emitted by the timing device via an internal piezo and via a line out jack.  

Additional connected devices (phones or tablets) at the same time are possible. Additional devices can only display the timing information (reaction times + race times), i.e. can be used as big scoreboards.


* by default the timing creates it's own WiFi hotspot to which phones, tablets, ect. can connect to. But it can be configured to use an existing WiFi network, too. In this case the clients can access the ninja timing via the existing WiFi network.

Speed-Climbing Timer

Timing equipment for Speed-Climbing 
(equipped for 2 lanes, usabel for 1 or 2 lanes)

  • Timing device (including the WiFi node and internal + line out audio) (1)
  • Top-pads (touch pads, no contact force needed) (2)
  • Start-pads (photo sensor + LED feedback of correct starting position) (3)
  • Connection wires (common ethernet cables (20 m)) + Connection distributor box (4)
  • Power supply (common USB charger) + USB cable (1 m) (5)



 In stock starting June 2018 - pre orders possible (please contact us)

Ninja Buzzer

Timing for speed climbing, (kids-)training, ninja parkours, fun events, speed boulders, birthday parties, ... 
basic usage

Very easy mounting as only one standalone part without power connector!
Can easily be moved during a training session by a coach - like a climbing hold. 


Common speed climbing timing with addtional slave buzzer:

usage in speed climbing

  • Buzzer - including:
    • timing device
    • WiFi node
    • piezo sound (start signal)
    • Connection port for second buzzer (slave buzzer)
    • Battery (up to 8h offline runtime)
  • optional: additional slave buzzer (for "two lane timing", cable connected to Ninja Buzzer)
  • optional: power bank (up to 48h offline runtime for Ninja Buzzer) 
  • optional: USB charger + cable (can be used as permanent power supply)


In stock starting June 2018 - pre orders possible (please contact us)

More usage options:

For pre orders and further information about our products, please contact us:

Peter Pircher
Vertical-Life GmbH


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